GROUP CATERING 2015 / 2016


Prices based on 30+ guests, additional costs may apply for smaller groups or those with complex special dietary requirements.  Schools (students with supervision) are required to coordinate serving up, and clearing/cleaning up/washing dishes and packing away etc (additional costs apply if you would prefer we provide staff for serving and/or cleaning up).

Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Long Black, Espresso, Macchiato coffees available with all meals (including morning and afternoon tea) for $4 per large coffee or $3 per small coffee (dine in or takeaway).


Breakfast Options

Self-service continental breakfast: two types of cereals, milk, whole fruit, toast (wholemeal or fruit toast), spreads $10.50 per person.


Morning Tea - only available when packaged with other meals.


Biscuits, whole fruit, cakes or muesli bars $3.50 per person.




Premade sandwich platters (quarters) with a mixture of cold meats and salads (or special pizza rolls)  served with whole fruit or fruit platters $10.50 per person.


Afternoon Tea - only available when packaged with other meals.


Biscuits, whole fruit, cakes $3.50 per person.


Dinner Options


Only available on a whole group basis – not individual selections (though special dietary requirements can be catered for).



Self-service dinner


Self-service options all served with salad or vegetables followed by desert which maybe cakes, slices or an icy pole $19.50 per person. 
Choose one selection per night from the following list:

  • Hot tender roast beef and gravy, baked potato and fresh bread rolls
  • Barbequed chicken and salad 
  • Pasta of the day  *vegetarian and/or gluten free pasta available
  • Self-service gourmet hamburgers with salad and condiments *vege burger option for vegetarians

Fully catered package price

  • $38 per person per day includes continental breakfast, lunch and self-service dinner as well as morning tea and afternoon tea (which can be packed for offsite consumption) for 30+ guests.
  • $44 per person for smaller groups of 10 – 29 guests. 

Please note:  Most special dietary requirements can be catered for at an additional cost of $10 per person per day (this additional cost only applies to those who have the special dietary requirements) to cover costs of special food items (supplies) and labour to prepare tailored meals.  All meals may contain traces of nuts. People unable to tolerate traces of nuts will need to self-cater.



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