Educational Programs at the Caves


There are a range of wonderful educational programs available the ‘Caveworks Eco-Centre’. The programs are designed to both educate and excite students about our fascinating natural attractions, while complementing learning areas within the Science and the Society and Environment curriculum. The presentation is adaptable to students of all year levels. Programs are offered at Lake, Mammoth and Jewel Caves and the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse; each one consisting of an interactive presentation followed by a themed tour of one of the sites as follows:

  • The Megafauna Experience at Mammoth Cave - Students participate in an interactive presentation discovering Australia’s unique megafauna history, discuss extinction theories and examine fossil casts and extant skulls. Students then explore our ‘living museum’, home of the megafauna, on a guided tour of the awe inspiring Mammoth Cave.  Adults $18.50pp / Students $15.00pp.
  • The Climate Change and Geology Tour at Lake Cave - Students will participate in an interactive presentation discussing the role climate change has played in the formation of our limestone caves and the effect it may have in the future. Students will then see the evidence of climate change firsthand, on a guided tour of the stunning Lake Cave. Adults $18.50pp / Students $15.00pp.
  • The Biodiversity Discovery Tour at Jewel Cave - Students will participate in an interactive presentation discovering the importance of biodiversity and the unique ecosystems found in and around the cave, then explore this part of Australia’s only ‘International Biodiversity Hotspot’ on a guided tour of the Spectacular Jewel Cave. Adults $18.50pp / Students $15.00pp.
  • The Culture and Heritage Tour at the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse - Students will participate in an interactive presentation describing the role of this heritage site in both maritime safety and the recording of important meteorological data. The Noongar Aboriginal ‘Six Seasons’ observed by the original inhabitants of the Cape region is also introduced. Students then learn of the early European ships that sailed this rugged coast, while climbing to the top of the tower on a guided tour of the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. Adults $13.50pp / Students $12.50pp

Further information is available at The website contains background information on the topics presented in the programs and has links to downloadable flyers describing each one and the costs associated. 






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