The commitment we have made – and you must make for the privilege of staying inside a National Park:


Wharncliffe Mill has recently undergone a full environmental revamp to allow guests to experience best practice initiatives in sustainable living together with improved cultural and eco interpretation.  Recent improvements have included:

  • Installation of a 32 Kw Solar Power System to generate energy – taking full advantage of the expansive old mill building
  • Plumbing in a second 140,000 litre water storage tank to harvest rainwater
  • Installation of a Fuji Clean wastewater recycling system to reuse waste water from the cabins and the lodge and provide irrigation for a large lawn area - able to be used for activities and relaxation
  • Development of a bush amphitheatre and group fire pit where Aboriginal guides will deliver tours and cultural interpretation
  • Revegetation and replanting native species throughout the entire facility 
  • Developing and implementing a weed management strategy, and working with school and community groups to eradicate weeds in the area
  • Provision of a fleet of mountain bikes for hire to enable guests explore the surrounding trails and ride into town (rather than driving)
  • Installation of a Nature Play Space and Climbing Forest together with interpretive signage and self-guided nature and culture trails.



Operating within a National Park is a great privilege, and with it comes great responsibilities.  We need to ensure all of our guests, management and staff work together to preserve this spectacular environment.  We have committed to the following:

  • Ensure we don’t bring animals, plants or seeds into the National Park
  • Stay on tracks (bikes, vehicles and walking) to prevent soil erosion and compaction
  • To not feed animals in the National Park (this includes birds and kangaroos)
  • Dispose of rubbish in the sealed bins provided
  • Use water saving food handling and cooking methods (turn of taps when rinsing and use a bowl, minimise dirty dishes etc)
  • Only use environmentally sensitive cleaning products, detergents and soaps and minimise use.
  • Use bulk goods, dry goods and goods with soft packaging and aluminium rather than glass packaging.
  • Minimise energy consumption – no electric heating or cooling, keep hot water usage to a minimum (4 minute maximum for showers).
  • To separate wastes, and sort and crush recyclable containers and cans;
  • To take the opportunity to learn about and commit to doing your bit to address environmental issues and principles.

We ask your cooperation in ensuring we can tread lightly on this beautiful environment.



Please ensure future generations can enjoy this beautiful natural setting

Where there are frogs there is a health eco system!

(images courtesy of www.margaretriver.com)


Group Eco Challenge


Groups staying at Wharncliffe Mill will be invited to join in our Group Eco-Challenge to minimise their environmental impact through a range of conservation and education activities and initiatives.  Groups participating in the eco-challenge can enjoy discounted rates whilst learning about the environment and how to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle.
Eco Challenge Minimum Requirements:

  • Ensure all showers are taken whilst power is being generated to heat the water (ie whilst the sun is shining). Hot water will be switched off when the sun is not shining.
  • Maximum of four minutes per person per day for showers.
  • Use only biodegradable shampoo and soap.
  • Turn off all lights when not required.
  • Walk or cycle around the facility (never use motor vehicles to move around inside the facility).
  • Do not litter, and if you spot any litter pick it up and dispose of it appropriately.
  • Sort and recycle organic waste (for compost), cans, cardboard and glass.
  • Minimise rubbish disposed of at Wharncliffe Mill (inside a National Park) by bring in bulk foods with minimal packaging and taking out any excessive general refuse (which can’t be recycled).
  • Bring your own linen from your bed and bathroom at home to save laundering linen after only a few nights use.

Eco Challenge Bonus Points (to gain recognition on our Facebook Page, go on our leader board and the highest point scorer each year will win a great prize).

  • Cycle instead of driving to or from Wharncliffe Mill when going on an outing (10 points per group)
  • Take part in a conservation activity such as weeding (10 points per group)
  • Take part in an Eco-Education Program with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (10 points per group)
  • Skip a shower for 24 hours whilst on site (2 points per person)
  • Go on a group bush walk to enjoy the forest and spot wildlife (5 points per group)
  • Do a 10 minute litter pick up session at the end of your stay (10 points per group)



Water saver shower heads and 4 minute shower policies help us to reduce our use of hot water


Take part in conservation activities
(image courtesy of the Department of Parks and Wildlife)


Cycle instead of driving to earn eco points
(image courtesy of www.margaretriver.com)


Ride In - Ride Out


to the exhilarating

mountain bike trails

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Reinvigorating walks

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Popular walk & cycle trail

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camp amidst the Jarrah, Marri and Karri trees

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Huge undercover area

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